Vocation/Classification: Land Use Planning Consulting | Strong community planning | Economic development skills | Commitment to environmental design
Why did you join Rotary: I originally joined the Cobourg Rotary Club in 1976 (I think). I joined at the suggestion of Ken Symons who was the CAO of the County who had hired me to be their Planner as part of a Provincial program to bring County level planning to this area. When the Province withdrew funding support I resigned and joined a series of local consulting firms before setting up my own firm. I left the Cobourg Club when their noon meeting time proved to be difficult to attend on s regular basis particularly when the firm I was with had an office in Toronto. I joined Northumberland Sunrise because of a number of friends were members and the more convenient meeting time. My Rotary contacts served me then and now to keep me connected to the community and allowed me to participate in funding raising and events that support important community activities.